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Started in January of 2015, the ‘Partake in Paducah’ social media movement has spread across our region faster than I ever imagined. Primarily through the @cityofpaducah Instagram account and this blog, I highlight and advertise the happening places and local businesses along with the exciting events in our region in a cool, hip, new way. Everyone from long time residents, local businesses, and government leaders, to artists, students, and folks that have moved away but still call the Paducah home, they all follow along to check out the best of what our town has to offer as we PARTAKE IN PADUCAH! 


What does it mean to 'Partake In'? It means that as a community, we choose to join in. We celebrate our city and take pride in our home and welcome visitors from afar. We document and share the beauty, charm and vibrancy found here in western Kentucky. 

In addition to curating this platform, I work in marketing, support efforts around the Commonwealth, volunteer with the United Way, and serve as a board member for the Yeiser Art Center, Maiden Alley Cinema, and Urban Renewal and Community Development Agency. 

Thank you, truly, for your support and for following along.

Kerri Bonner


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